The word brings many thoughts to mind. More than just extra work, the idea of going through a more painful process when you already have a lot on your mind can be dizzying. But what other option is there? The answer is a Legal Document Assistant.

A Legal Document Assistant is able to prepare many types of documents and is legally able to file your paperwork, not just type up your documents. This process will save you a lot of time and money! But, you will want a Legal Document Assistant trained in handling Divorce to tend to your divorce paperwork. They will be more knowledgeable and able to better assist you through the process.

Understanding the Process

A good Divorce Legal Document Assistant will take the time and thoroughly educate you on the process and all that is involved in the paperwork you are having filed and the process of Divorce as a whole. It is a Legal Document Assistant’s job to be sure that any questions you have are answered. Legal Document Assistants are there for you, knowing that this is a stressful or emotional time, and want to do the best they can to help you through it. They are able to take the time and are generally more personable and able to have a personal touch that an attorney may not. 

Child Support and Alimony

A Legal Document Assistant that is well versed in Divorce is also able to help you not only determine if you require/need Alimony or Child Support, but will help you understand why and what is involved in doing so. The Legal Document Assistant will be sure to help you fill-out the divorce forms according to your specific direction in the case of requiring Alimony or Child Support, making sure that you are well educated to take care of any children involved, as well..


A Legal Document Assistant is much more than just a person who files or types documents. They are also able to give you support when you are unsure or help educate you with the best course that works well for you. Some even offer the ability to offer counseling after the divorce is complete to make sure the most important thing is ok… You. 

A good Legal Document Assistant can be your best ally when legal matters arise! They are helpful, understanding, want what is best for you, and are much more affordable than an attorney! A very helpful force to have on your side!

OC Paralegal Service offers much more than just Divorce. From Civil Litigation and Small Claims, Estate Planning, Notary, and more! See why hiring a Legal Document Assistant would be best for your situation.

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