Have You Decided To File For Divorce?

Karen Fischer is certified in Divorce Mediation specializing in Child Custody and Visitation • Property Division • Child and Spousal Support • Court Process & Agreement Writing

Orange County has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation. About 72 percent of marriages in this county end in divorce, compared with the national average of about 50 percent. It’s unfortunate, but divorce rates are increasing every year. Here at OC Paralegal Service, we handle the legal process from A-Z.

We at OC Paralegal Service will assist you in completing and e-filing the required documents to start file a Petition to begin divorce proceedings, Responding to a divorce Petition or finalizing a Judgment packet.  We also assist with finalizing the Stipulated Marital Settlement agreement at your direction.

Our Divorce service has assisted countless satisfied customers to successfully obtain a divorce quickly and without the hassle and high cost of attorneys.

In most cases no court appearance is necessary.

  • We work with you to complete your forms and e-file them with the court.
  • You make the decisions, we do the work.

We Service all courts in California.

Helping make the process more manageable.

Helping make the process more bearable.

Call us for free information regarding our fees and services.

The additional cost of your County’s filing fee is approximately $435.00. If you qualify as low income or if you receive SSI/SSP, CalWORKS, Food Stamps and/or County Relief we can assist you to obtain a waiver of the Court filing fees.

Karen is a godsend … She helped me with me divorce … I had gone to another person to get this done who was unresponsive. I was on the verge of tears when I called Karen thinking that I would never be divorced… she was amazing.. handled everything so quickly. Any bumps in the road she kept me notified of and got the job done :) I would highly recommend her to anyone. Warmest, Amy