Paralegal Preparing Documents - Service

Working with Lawyers

OC Paralegal Service works closely with law firms and lawyers, offering peace of mind with our Legal Document Preparation at an affordable cost! OC Paralegal Service can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by preparing all of your legal documents.

We will work alongside your firm to ensure that your case documents are completed correctly, confidentially, and in a timely manner. From DIVORCE, CIVIL LITIGATION, and SMALL CLAIMS to NOTARY SERVICES, we have the experience and the understanding to help you navigate through any of your legal document preparation needs.

We have many satisfied clients who have benefited tremendously from our legal services. We find that most of our clients refer us to their relatives and friends when they, too, are in need of legal services.

Instead of hiring a permanent staff member, OC Paraleagl offers services as needed to fit your firms needs and budget. Whether the case is short-term or long-term, our flexibility is what we can offer your firm.

Our professional and passionate staff is certified, registered, and bonded in the state of California. We take pride in what we do and pride ourselves on elite customer support.